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WordPress, HTTPS, CDN and W3 Total Cache

I’ve worked with a few sites recently that use HTTPS to secure certain parts of there site and also a couple of pages here are SSL protected due to the data captured. If you use the W3 Total Cache plugin like I do, and I really recommend that you do if you have a wordpress site,

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Nginx and SSL – PHP Redirect Loops

Small post, I’ve been struggling a little with getting ssl to work reliably with https. specifically relating to the following piece of code:

[code]fastcgi_param   HTTPS   on;[/code]

Lets wind back, I can get HTTPS working with nginx no problem and the above provided I do the following,

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Its been a little while so why not start by writing a review 🙂 as a shameless disclaimer this is motivated by’s offer of a free node for life over on there blog, eagle eyed readers may notice that I have previously blogged about them before:

I’ve used in various guises over the last 2 years,

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Alternative’s to Cpanel: Webmin

I’m going to start a mini series of posts here called Alternatives to Cpanel, first you might ask why not Cpanel and its worth pointing out that Cpanel is arguably one of the most popular and most comprehensive control panel solutions for web hosting out there, it might not be good for some people or some use cases the first of which that comes off the top of my head is using Nginx (pronounce it Engine-X) instead of Apache.

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Choosing the Right Host

Customer support, or customer failure?

A good web host has good customer and technical support departments. People often believe that if their web host offers 24/7 support, their support is good. Often, this is not the case. Why? Put it this way; would you like to be working a night shift with your eyes droopy,

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HOWTO: Upgrade Debian Lenny (5.0) to Debian Squeeze (6.0) on Rackspace Cloud Servers

I recently posted on how to update Debian for servers and its intricacies, I have since been able to document the process for Rackspace and this guide also works for Virtuozzo or OpenVZ VPS’ where you don’t have direct control over the kernel from your VPS so here goes.

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Is your WordPress site embedding tracking code without your knowledge?

I just stumbled upon a couple of important articles relating to the WordPress Stats plugin available for free to all wordpress users and gives a sort of cut down Google Analytics functionality. i found the articles because i was googling as to why all of a sudden my sites were loading a file from,

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HOWTO: Upgrade Debian Lenny (5.0) to Debian Squeeze (6.0) on

Here are the working upgrade instructions from Lenny to Squeeze (Debian 6) on

Disclaimer: please test this yourself first on a NON PRODUCTION SERVER. this may or may not work with other server providers but is specifically tailored to the system,

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Mobile Broadband makes you efficient

Well i am back! just about, not been here posting lately and its not without good reasons too, the obvious one is i went to Zimbabwe for 3 weeks over christmas and GOT MARRIED!!!

some others may have wondered why its taken me so long to get this up and posted but that too is not without a good reason either.

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