A new lick of paint

Well as you can see, things look a little different around here! It has taken an exceptionally long time to get this out the door primarily because we prefer to focus on our clients when they need us rather than delay them longer than necessary when support issues come in. I think particularly our redesigned Portfolio page is a testament to how happy our clients are.

We are aware of a few issues with mobile browsers and will be rapidly working at those when we have the moment, but I was keen to get this redesign out the door as it was well overdue. It was Olorin and his team at Level1 Internet that did the design for us with a combination of Explain Extended and the Somerset Technical Solutions team that brought the design to life within WordPress in a totally optimised manner. Just look at the Pingdom Full Page Test results. If you want your website to fly just like that, then you should get in touch.

With the new design we have re-arranged some content. Hopefully nothing is lost and if anything it makes it easier to find out about our services, which we have also just refined and have made clearer so take a look now.

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