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DotDeb updates: Repo now GPG signed!

i know its actually slightly older news but its worth sharing anyway, the DotDeb repositories are now GPG signed so you can be more assured that the mirrors are as safe and secure as the central mirror and you also dont have to worry about the this repository is not encrypted/signed error any more.

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Updating PHP and MySQL on Debian

so a client particularly wanted php 5.3 for a project and mysql 5.1 but at the moment needs to operate on smallest possible footprint.

i did some research on it and actually found a useful resource for updated php and mysql resources called Dotdeb –

the idea of this repository is to keep the core lamp stack binaries up to date and keep support for the ease of updating (via apt-get)

so upon taking a look i decided to trial it on my personal vps and with my niggles i rolled it out to the work server i manage along with the client too.

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