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Its been a little while so why not start by writing a review πŸ™‚ as a shameless disclaimer this is motivated by’s offer of a free node for life over on there blog, eagle eyed readers may notice that I have previously blogged about them before:

I’ve used in various guises over the last 2 years,

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HOWTO: Upgrade Debian Lenny (5.0) to Debian Squeeze (6.0) on

Here are the working upgrade instructions from Lenny to Squeeze (Debian 6) on

Disclaimer: please test this yourself first on a NON PRODUCTION SERVER. this may or may not work with other server providers but is specifically tailored to the system,

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thought i would put some of my early thoughts of’s new SAN infrastructure as i have now been using them for a couple of weeks in production usage.

when i first started using the new London clouds (London Zone E – F opening soon) there were a very limited range of templates available

one good bonus of the new SAN infrastructure is that Windows is now available on –

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